Tengah Engineering and Hardware Pte Ltd was founded in 1997,It’s primarily a distributor of building and hardware materials ranging from construction equipment and industrial safety tools to office furniture, power tools and sundry items. However, beyond its core business, Tengah also has a diversified array of subsidiary businesses such as maritime engineering services,oil,gas and even new media platforms on the Internet.

In the last four years, Tengah has turned in an average year-on-year revenue growth of some 40 per cent. Tengah has also garnered various SME 500 Awards before winning its inaugural Enterprise 50 Award in 2008.

Tengah prides itself on its customer-oriented business model. Its goal is to serve the customers – by providing a one-stop procurement solution by making a wide range of products available.

With a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver any time, a wide range of high-quality products and a well-trained sales team.